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EME B-BBEE Verification

'EME' is an acronym for 'Exempt Micro Enterprise' which means you will receive a level 4 or 3 BEE Contribution Status, depending on your directorship, membership and/or ownership composition.

To qualify for EME category of BEE certification, your company must indicate that the annual turnover is less than 
R5 000 000.00  (i.e. EME < R5 Million turnover)

Verification Application Processes:

a) Contact us by phone 0123236448, 0796946260 (Shoni) or email info@shoninelushi.co.za we provide you with all the necessary info and documents required. 

b) Fill in a BEE verification application form online in this website 

c) Register your company, follow all the necessary processes on our unique BEE verification application portal online.

...as easy as abc!...

1_Register to apply Online.

To access ShoniNelushi Accountants' EME B-BBEE certification online system, click on http://www.bqsystems.co.za/Index.aspx?site=DMT
Register and create your profile. Complete in the required fields, Agree to our Terms and Conditions and Submit your application. You will receive a copy of the Terms and Conditions as well as an invoice via email.

2_ Upload or Submit Documents.

The following documents must be submitted for BEE verification and should be uploaded online within our verification system. 
Documents can also be or scanned or faxed to ShoniNelushi Accountants at info@shoninelushi.co.za fax 0123236448  

1) CIPC Registration Documents e.g. CK1, CK2, COR14.3, CM or Trust docs (This may vary according to entity’s form of ownership).

2) Certified Copy of ID Documents of members, directors or owners.

3) Evidence that turnover is less than R5 000 000-00 or that you are a start- up company that just commenced business. Examples of this is a Signed Financial Statement, Bank Statements or a Letter from Auditor / Accountant confirming turnover.

3_Receive Certificate.

Once our analysts have verified your information and determined that your business qualifies as an EME you will be emailed your certificate. 
You may also download the certificate from our website as soon as it has been created. 

Please note that your electronic certificate contains a hyperlink to a secure online repository of the certificates issued by our business.

Any individual supplied with your electronic certificate and that wishes to vet or verify its authenticity will be able to click on this hyperlink which will take the user to the secure online repository, confirming the details on the certificate issued.

Verification or vetting of certificates can also be done via email or telephonic queries to ShoniNelushi Accountants (Pty) Ltd.

Furthermore: organizations, authorities, individuals as well as any other interested entities may schedule visits to ShoniNelushi Accountants' offices  to obtain confirmations of BBE Certificates issued by us.


B-BBEE Verification
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Benefits of accredited BEE Certification
  • Companies and organisations are able submit Tenders for government entities or companies competing in the economic value chain when they have a valid BEE Certificate.
  • The certificate confirms your company can supply a BEE Scorecard as required by the newly promulgated Preferential Procurement Act.
  • The playing field is levelled as smaller BEE Verified companies can now compete against larger companies as suppliers. 
  • Your company will be recognized and receive preference as a BEE Supplier on the database of Private Sectors, Municipalities, Government, and other Government Institutions.

BEE Certificates Endorsed by South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA

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