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Preparation and Signing Off of Annual Financial Statements (AFS)

  • Accounting Officers for CC's
  • Accounting Officers for (Pty) Ltd Companies

In terms of tax legislation, every business or trust needs to submit annual financial statements. ShoniNelushi Accountants accountants are qualified to sign off certain entities such as Close Corporations, Trusts and Companies


Your full bookkeeping function can be outsourced to our company on a weekly-, monthly-, two-monthly-, six-monthly- or annual basis, depending on the client's requirements, level of transactions (NOT their turnover) and statutory requirements (VAT vendor status)

B-BBEEE certification

ShoniNelushi Accountants are accredited to provide EME B-BBEE verifications resulting in BEE certification for new businesses and small to medium enterprises (SME), those with a turnover of less than R5 000 000 (Five Million Rand).
Our verification agency status is accredited by South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA). Clients that have to tender for projects generally require this certificate.

VAT returns and payment - VAT201

It is a legal requirement to submit VAT returns and payment monthly, two-monthly or six-monthly depending on the registration requirements. At ShoniNelushi Accountants, the whole process is automated and all returns and payments are directly done via SARSEfiling.
Our clients are informed beforehand what their VAT responsibilities would be for the period and thereafter the VAT return and payment is processed. All correspondence is available via the real-time web-based interactive ERP, as email or SMSes are sent once the documents are uploaded by our company for viewing and downloading.

B-BBEE Verification
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